Poems From A Gypsy Heart


Verle Jean Parker


About Author

The author Verle Jean was born and raised in the Slim Buttes region of the Black Hills in South Dakota and was touched by the beauty of the country she grew up in. I know this book “Poems From A Gypsy Heart “ will find the Gypsy spirit in us all. The cover and illustrations are done by the author Ms. Verle Jean. She knew from the age of eight years old she would be a poet. This book is a lifetime collection of her works of insightful reflections of God’s creations. Please share in a wondrous journey through the thoughts of a truly inspiring author and artist. A personal bible of emotions for everyone about everything one could possibly contemplate.


Poems need the resource of solitude for this is the feeding ground for the imagination, a spiritual nourishment food cannot offer.

Poems are the songs we sing when no one is listening.

Poems are the mortar strengthening against adversity.

the prisoner

Here I am a captive
and I my jailer be
I’ve locked the heavy doors
and lost the key;

My gloom is thick and heavy
the stars peer down
for the night is ever-present
in this prison on the ground;

The walls are damp and cold
the mice are very still,
Oh God, Oh God I wish the floor
were a soft and grassy hill;

They give me poor water
I thirst for rain
They give me only silence
to heal the burning pain;

Here I am a captive
and I my jailer be
I slipped behind the darkness
and locked the doors on me.

The hours are like fingers
caressing my staring eyes
and Oh, and Oh, I cry to see
the broad and sunlit skies;

My crime I’m sure was terrible
to be punished thus so after,
but all I did, oh all I did
was lose the gift of laughter!


Hug on me lightly, grandma

hug on me lightly, she said

and lifting sweet lips

for a kiss
she trundled off to bed.

Little have I in worldly gain

little triumphs and success

but I have all a world can give

in one sweet goodnight kiss.


I beg for humility
to fashion these
and spring again its fruit

the season pain

It’s not enough to love or to be loved
there is more I fear

than to die these deaths with lovers every year

Oh, God, you made us
far too tender
of flesh and bone

didn’t you ever once consider the sturdiness of stone?

Poems From A Gypsy Heart

“Poems From A Gypsy Heart”, by Verle Jean. A completely charming book of poetry and illustrations that can touch the heart and soul of every age from very young to the elderly. Heartwarming thoughts of birth, life, death and all of nature’s wonders. Reflecting on Mother Nature’s wondrous creatures to the marvels of trees, mountains and the universe. Taking a break from everyday stress and strife one can escape while on a commuter train or carpool to or from work or just relaxing during a lunch break. One only needs to find their favorite poems and search for new favorite poems. This book of more than six hundred pages and over eight hundred poems sure have inspiration and reflections for anyone and everyone. It is a fabulous bedtime read for the little ones in our life too.

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